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In support of our continuing mission to preserve our heritage and honor our mounted warriors, part of the US Army Armor and Cavalry collection can be seen at Pattons' Park. This open air walking trail located just outside the Fort Benning, GA entry gate on Benning Blvd displays nine armored vehicles representing WWII-Desert Storm. The vehicles on display are the M4 Sherman, M26 Pershing, M48, M60A3, M1 Abrams, M3 Bradley, M113 ACAV, M114 and the M551 Sheridan. The main collection has been housed at a restoration and storage facility, not opened to the public, but is now in transition to the newly constructed Training Support Facility. Pattons' Park is continuously improving, thanks to our generous donors! We have already installed a sprinkler system and upgraded all of our current vehicle pads. We will begin working soon on improving the walking trail through the park and will also add spaces for additional monuments. 

We have a NEW and very special Pattons' Park Commemorative Coin Collection! Donate $250 or more to receive your set of NACHF Pattons' Park Commemorative Coins! This specially designed collection Includes a Pattons' Park coin, as well as 9 additional coins, each with an exact representation of the armored vehicles on display at the Park. Not sure you want all 10 coins? No problem! Each coin will be released individually, as well! For a donation of $25 or more, you can get the coin of your choice as it releases. We will begin with the Pattons’ Park coin on Memorial Day and release each vehicle one at a time through Veterans Day 2021. Only 100 of each coin are available, so don’t wait! Go to NACHF Pattons' Park Commemorative Coin Collection (

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