The National Armor and Cavalry Heritage Foundation is raising funds to build the National Armor and Cavalry Museum.  We want to create a world-class museum to honor all our mounted warriors--past, present, & future--and their families. The site is on land adjacent to the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center. When completed, this site will be the U.S. Army's largest museum complex. We are projecting a 2025 opening. 


In the interim, part of the US Army Armor and Cavalry collection can be seen at Pattons' Park which displays nine armored vehicles representing WWII-Desert Storm.  The vehicles on display are the M4 Sherman, M26 Pershing, M48, M60A3, M1 Abrams, M3 Bradley, M113 ACAV, M114 and the M551 Sheridan. This is an open air walking trail located just outside the Fort Benning, GA entry gate on Benning Blvd (future site of the National Armor and Cavalry Museum and adjacent to the National Infantry Museum). The main collection is housed at a restoration and storage facility and is not opened to the public. Pattons Park will also see some much needed enhancements over the next 18 months that will include improved trails, vehicle pads and spaces for additional monuments.  Please consider donating to our Pattons Park and Monument Walk Project. 


You can also visit the Armor and Cavalry Gallery in the National Infantry Museum. The hours are Tues-Sat 9:00-5:00; Sun 11:00-5:00; closed Mondays. 

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