As a member of the Armor and Cavalry Community you have a unique opportunity to assist in the construction of the National Armor and Cavalry Museum at Ft. Benning, GA.

You can create a permanent acknowledgement of your service or honor a loved one with a commemorative paver. With a $150 tax-deductible donation to the National Armor and Cavalry Heritage Foundation you will receive a gift of a paver, a duplicate and a FREE miniature replica of your paver for your desk or to be a very special personal gift to a loved one.

Your paver will be installed in the Armor or Cavalry Sections (Sections 12 or 19) of the Heritage Walk adjacent to the National Infantry Museum. The walkway proceeds along the East side of the National Infantry Museum under the Flags of all 50 states and leads to the "sacred soil" of the parade field. It is "sacred" because soil has been collected from major battlefields in US history and scattered over the parade field. Your paver will be truly placed on hallowed ground!

Your duplicate will be available for later placement at the new National Armor and Cavalry Museum when it is completed.

National Armor and Cavalry Heritage Foundation

P.O. Box 5767

Columbus, GA 31906


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