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By donating to our Memorial Paver Program you can create a permanent acknowledgement of your service or honor a loved one with a commemorative paver. With a $150 tax-deductible donation to the National Armor and Cavalry Heritage Foundation you will receive a gift of a paver and a FREE miniature replica of your paver for your desk or to be a very special personal gift to a loved one.

Your paver will be installed in the Armor and Cavalry Monument located at Pattons' Park.  Our commemorative pavers serve as a permanent reminder of service and sacrifice, while providing a fitting tribute to each person represented and honoring our mounted force.


Your support will not only allow us to continue our work at Pattons' Park and Memorial walk, but will also provide much needed assistance to the newly constructed Training Support Facility (TSF) which houses the US Army Armor and Cavalry Collection.  


Key functions of the NACHF's role include: Funding to assist with exhibits in and around the TSF that would support training and telling the story that exists in the US Army Armor and Cavalry Collection, Funding in support of Macro and Micro artifact restoration or preservation projects, Management and education of volunteers to assist in future training, community outreach events, periodic public access openings, organizational (schools, veteran groups, reunion, etc.) tours, and other events that may be conducted at the TSF. 


As we continue to work with the US Army, The Center for Military History, and the US Army Armor and Cavalry Collection, we will be able to release more information as it becomes available. We are excited to grow this partnership as we move forward with our mission to preserve our heritage and honor our mounted warriors!  

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