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While every soldier’s training is the same, their story is their own. And there are many lessons to be learned from the story of The Soldier. Stories of sacrifice. Courage. Brotherhood. The doggedness of spirit.

The National Armor and Cavalry Heritage Foundation’s mission is to serve as a monument to all the many American mounted warriors around the world. Today, we strive to collect their stories, to preserve them so that they forever become not just a part of Army history, but a part of American history.

The National Armor and Cavalry Heritage Foundation has embarked on a journey in partnership with the US Army to support the maintenance and preservation of the US Army Armor and Cavalry Collection.  This effort includes Pattons' Park and Memorial Walk.

The National Armor and Cavalry Heritage Foundation is determined to establish a place of celebration and dedication that will convey the rich and distinguished heritage and tradition of the cavalry and armor branches.

The Army has made a significant commitment to the future of the US Army Armor and Cavalry Collection and NACHF is a full partner in this effort.  We will continue to provide much needed support as the collection as moves to the newly constructed Training Support Facility that will showcase the most extensive and complete collection of tank and armored vehicles in North America.

From a cavalry charge on horseback across the fields of Gettysburg to the rapid deployment of tanks across the sands of Kuwait, the legacy of the mounted soldier is a story of mobility; of speed; of the historic power to shift the mighty tides of war.

The history of the Armor and Cavalry is long and illustrious, older than even our great Nation itself. Time-tested and battled-hardened, the branch has developed into the greatest combined-arms force in the American Military. This is a legacy that must not be forgotten, at any cost.

There is no place in the world that tells the complete story of the armor, cavalry, and air cavalry. There are many stories to tell. Will you help us to tell them to the world?

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